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Family law entails a wide range of intimate issues. From child custody to adoption to child support, the topics covered by this legal field necessarily involve the people and relationships closest to you. This means family law has its own set of challenges and problems not shared by other legal fields. By far, this is one of the most emotionally-charged areas of law. When family members and relationships are on the line, you want someone who truly cares about you and your family. The outcome of a family law case can permanently change an entire family dynamic and can have serious repercussions – especially in the lives of children. Financially and emotionally, there’s a lot at stake. A family law attorney needs to be able to listen to their clients and respect their priorities while practically guiding their clients into a more favorable outcome. Since family law can be extremely complicated and involve the fair distribution of shared finances, assets, and child custody, it is crucial to secure experienced legal counsel. Taylor & Lassen understands that it is imperative to have legal representation you can trust when you are handling these sensitive issues.

Paternity | SAPCR

A paternity case is filed when a child is born and the father’s name is not listed on the birth certificate.  If the father of the child agrees that he is in fact the father, an Acknowledgement of Paternity is usually signed.  In cases where the paternity is in question or the alleged father is unsure, the alleged father can demand a paternity test from the mother.  Once paternity is established, a custody order with visitation and child support naturally follow.  A Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship, or SAPCR, is where no child custody or support has been determined yet.  Therefore, one party petitions the court and asks for the Court to intervene and assist the parties in setting this up.

Child Custody | Child Visitation | Parenting Time

In laymen’s terms, “child custody” refers to conservatorship of a child.  There are different options for this, but most people fall into two categories: Joint Managing Conservators or Sole Managing Conservator and Possessory Conservator.  What is referred to as the “primary conservator” is the parent who is awarded the exclusive right to designate where the child will primarily live.  Other items under the umbrella of conservatorship include making decisions regarding health and educational decisions.  Child visitation / Parenting Time is an entirely different matter.  This determines who has actual physical possession of the child during certain days of the week and times of the year such as Christmas and Spring Break. For more information on San Antonio Child Custody, please visit our Child Custody FAQs to get answers to frequently asked questions.


A modification, or Petition to Modify, is simply a request to the Court that something in a prior court order change.  This could be a request to change a divorce decree, SAPCR, child support order, etc.  Modifications normally happen because something from the prior order is not working in the current situation.  Life happens, and frequently people are uncertain and can drastically change.  Sometimes, a parent will request a modification when they want to move out of state or to a different city within the state and cannot do so because of a geographical restriction in the prior order.  Another reason a modification could be requested is the parent paying child support is making significantly more than what they were making when the prior order was rendered, or, in contrast, the parent paying child support is making less because they were laid off from a corporate job and they are now working for a lot less.  No matter the circumstances behind the request, facing it alone is not a good option in most circumstances.  Whether you have been served with a modification or you would like to request a modification, we are on your side.

Child Support

Whether you are entitled to child support or trying to get a fair shake at paying child support, don’t do it alone.  While child support is statutory in Texas, many factors can also play a role in determining proper amounts.  If you have a case with the Office of the Attorney General, you must understand that, even if you are the custodial parent, they do not represent you.  Further, if you are defending a case for child support against you, you need a family law attorney on your side to ensure that proper credit is given for certain items such as health insurance.  No matter what your circumstances for child support are, Taylor & Lassen stand ready to meet all of your child support needs. For more information on San Antonio Child Support, please visit our Child Support FAQs to get answers to frequently asked questions.

Enforcement Orders

Court orders must be followed when rendered.  When one party fails to follow the order, they subject themselves to vulnerability of an enforcement action being filed by the Opposing Party.  This could be for anything from not paying child support or spousal maintenance to not making the children go to the other parent’s house during their time of possession.  If your spouse is not cooperating with certain issues previously ordered by a Judge, you need an experienced family law attorney to help you navigate the system to make them comply with the order.  If you find yourself defending an enforcement action, you need immediate representation to avoid serious penalties that could be imposed on you.

Grandparents’ Rights

It is becoming more and more normal for grandparents to intervene in family law cases for the benefit of the children.  As one parent dies or is incapacitated, or both parents are unable or incapable of taking care of the children for whatever reason, Grandparents all over the country are standing up for their grandchildren and filling in the gap.  Grandparents do not have many rights and need an experienced family law attorney in this area to ensure that the children of the case have a voice.

Protective Orders

A protective order is sought against a person who is alleged to have committed some type of physical violence against the applicant.  When a person seeks a protective order, they are requesting that the Court issue orders preventing the alleged offending party from coming anywhere near them, and sometimes, near any children the applicant is a parent of.  If the alleged perpetrator is still living with the applicant, a protective order can force the alleged offending party to move out of the home.  Whether you have been involved in a domestic violence situation as a victim or you have been falsely accused, Taylor & Lassen is here to help.


A guardian is a person who is appointed to make legal and medical decisions for another person, often a child or other individual who is disabled or otherwise incapacitated.  This comes in many forms.  For example, a disabled adult child who needs constant care and attention.  Or another good example is when both parents die and a relative has to take care of a child.  No matter what the circumstance is, Taylor & Lassen is here to help.

CPS Cases

When Children’s Protective Services, or CPS, gets involved in your life, you need immediate legal representation.  Allegations of abuse can not only involve your children being removed, but can also be criminally investigated.  If you have been contacted by CPS or your child or children have been confronted at school by a CPS caseworker, you should contact a family law attorney as soon as possible.  CPS will normally want you to sign a family safety plan.  Before you sign this, you need to speak to an attorney who has experience with these documents.  A family safety plan put into place can be a positive thing, but more often than not, puts the accused in a more vulnerable state of defense.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Call Taylor & Lassen.

Adoption | Step-parent Adoption

Adoptions, by far, are the happiest of all family law cases.  However, they do still require a lot of work to be done.  Background checks are always essential and a third-party attorney or evaluator is normally appointed for the purpose making sure the adoption is in the best interest of the child.  If you are a step-parent trying to adopt a child, the consent of both the biological parents is almost always required.  Whether a stepparent adoption or a traditional adoption, let Taylor & Lassen help you navigate the multi-step process with ease.

Prenuptial | Post-nuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement between two parties prior to entering into marriage.  A post-nuptial agreement is made after two parties enter into marriage.  These agreements usually include content regarding issues such as the division of property, spousal support, and confirmation of separate property.   While there remains a huge stigma on these types of agreements, it can be a huge benefit for both parties.  When both parties are working out potential issues from a more positive outlook, it can save thousands of dollars down the road.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of a sound legal decision.  Call Taylor & Lassen today.