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Taylor & Lassen has provided skilled business lawyer services to business owners in Texas for many years. We know it is imperative to hire business lawyers that are experienced in Texas business law, as well as, the application of business law as it pertains to your individual circumstances and location. To protect and improve the life of your business, Taylor & Lassen provides a broad array of legal strategies that can support an enduring and uncomplicated business longevity.

We understand that creating a successful business is no easy task and we want your success to be permanent. Taylor & Lassen has acted as the business lawyer for many small businesses and corporations in Texas and our legal experience can professionally organize operations, mitigate exposure to financial and legal liability, and aggressively protect your interests.

Texas Business Formation

It is not an overly difficult procedure to create a business in the state of Texas. The State of Texas provides websites to help you understand the requirements you must navigate to legally set up a business. What most people are not informed of are the legal, filing, and tax implications for each type of business entity. They are also not aware that the exposure to liabilities, such as lawsuits, varies depending on the business entity they choose to create. So which is best for you and the industry you choose?

A business lawyer can help you make solid initial steps to ensure your dream is not put at risk for a simple lack of knowledge and help you be set up for the best possible scenario to succeed.

Typical business entities created under Texas Business Law:

  • Sole proprietorships – The simplest of business entity to form with the least protection of personal assets
  • Partnerships – There are different types of partnerships and how you set it up determines the amount of protection you receive.
  • Limited liability companies (LLC) – Offers limited liability to owners but does not have the demanding requirements of C corporations.
  • C corporations – Sometimes called a C corp, a C corporation affords the most protection to its owners but requires extensive maintenance and reporting.
  • S corporations – S corporations are C corporations that have been modified for single business owners.
  • Non-profit corporations – These are legally intensive entities that require strict adherence to laws and reporting.

For more information on business formation and structure, go to the Small Business Administration for more in-depth review and instruction on what best suits your needs. Or feel free to send us your questions via our contact form by clicking here.

When setting up your business, it is important to determine the best business structure for your business. It is equally important to set it up legally and accurately in regard to ownership, the roles the owners or partners will play in your business, who will receive benefits, and how profits will be shared. Clearly defining this in a legally acceptable manner will go along way to protect the business from future disputes. A business lawyer like Taylor & Lassen will work with you to accurately define the roles in your company and can help you create and file all required documentation that will communicate your needs.

Contact Taylor & Lassen when you are ready to begin your business!

Business Operations

Maintaining a business in Texas that adheres to strict Business Laws and standards is very complex. Smart business owners know that, at a minimum, they need to have a business lawyer audit their legal liability to ensure they’re operating within the limits of the law and that no major liability exists than can have a catastrophic effect on business.

During the regular day-to-day operations, many dangers exist that your business can be legally liable. Your best option is to hire a business lawyer that is knowledgeable and experienced in corporate and start-up business issues that can be handled proactively. Taylor & Lassen can help you in any of these occurrences and, more importantly, create a legal environment that minimizes corporate liability prior to any incident.

We have the expertise to explain to you, your business partners, and employees about the diverse laws they should know and how to adhere to them. We will enable you to manage your customers, employees, vendors, and business partners securely.

Business Contracts & Agreements

As the business world becomes more tech savvy and an increasingly complex environment, business owners need experienced business lawyers that can provide legal expertise in a wide range of topics that encompass all areas of business activities. Taylor & Lassen can help you negotiate the primary area that governs business today: Business Contracts.

As per Texas Business Law, business contracts give the authority for persons to conduct business operations on behalf of a company. Business contracts define ownership, authority, roles, limitations, profits, earnings, shares, and every aspect of a business. This is why the importance of a business lawyer cannot be over emphasized. Everything your company undertakes and performs is determined by agreements made in contracts.

Licensing Agreements
Distribution Agreements
Real Estate Contracts
Partnership Agreements
Operating Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Confidentiality Agreements
Purchasing Agreements
Construction Contracts
Sales Agreements
Vendor Contracts
Lease Agreements
Technology Licenses
Non-Compete Agreements

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Each contract has their own requirements and concerns as they relate to your operations and while they may sound fair on paper, it may not work in practical application. That’s why it is imperative to have a business lawyer that will ensure your company can operate without hindrances from promises you made to other entities.

Taylor & Lassen will gladly create business contracts that are fair and work in your favor, negotiate contracts on your behalf, and review any and all contracts so that you are protected from technicalities, unfair requests and any claims of breach of contract. In that same vein of contract management, we will aggressively pursue companies or persons that are in breach of contract or fail in the performance of a contract. We realize that vendors who do not perform satisfactorily can negatively affect your business operations, customer satisfaction and reputation. Please contact us for any concerns or questions you may have.

Employment Law

Employees can be our greatest assets. However, if not properly screened or legally hired, employee issues can generate catastrophic consequences to the operations of a business. When dealing with employee relations, it is crucial to take a proactive approach. Most issues can be curbed by properly creating policies for your business. By setting up appropriate and legally binding contracts or agreements, it goes far to protect your liability and reputation as well as notify employees of their obligations.

In addition to direct employee-owner relations, a business can also protect itself through creation of business-wide policies. Some of these customized policies and agreements we create for your protection are Hiring and Termination Practices, Sexual Harassment Policies, Employment Discrimination Policies, Employment Contracts, Severance Agreements, Employee Privacy, Non-Compete Agreements, and Confidentiality Agreements to name a few.

Keep in mind, some situations arise that cannot be avoided by the best planning methods and must be confronted head-on. In these instances, Taylor & Lassen will aggressively protect your interests against threats to your business’s well-being. With our knowledge and experience in Texas Business Law, we can navigate precarious avenues that may otherwise hurt your standing if not properly handled.

Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution

When all reasonable methods do not prevail in the course of business, we must refer ourselves to the legal system for remediation. The best defense for litigation is a properly created and operated business. This is why we strongly recommend hiring a business lawyer.

Without a complete knowledge and practical application of Texas Business Laws, it is difficult to assess and manage risks you are exposed to, even during trying negotiations, and how to successfully overcome obstacles that can cripple your business operations.

Taylor & Lassen will aggressively defend your business interests and ensure it is fully protected under the laws of Texas and minimize your exposure to risk, now and in the future.

Buying or Selling a Business in Texas

When buying or selling a business in Texas, there are many legal implications present. These laws exist to protect the buyer and the seller. Albeit a complex business transaction, a business lawyer can greatly improve the process by assisting in determining value, adherence to procedure and legality of the sale as it applies to the local jurisdiction and Texas, permitting and licensing, and many more concerns that may not be readily apparent. Buying or selling a business is a great turnkey solution to beginning, changing or augmenting a business career. But it is best done with the assistance of a business lawyer to protect your financial and legal well-being.

Business Succession Planning

One thing Texas Business Law and business lawyers cannot do, is create more time. There comes a time in everyone’s life when we must consider retiring and passing along our business. Business Succession Planning is the method for the transfer of business ownership. The plan requires sincere consideration as it can impact family, employees, and the business itself. Not only this, but it also affects your Estate Planning arrangement.

Taylor & Lassen understands this can be a challenging subject and that it requires a complete strategy in order to cover all the aspects of your life affected when considering Business Succession Planning. In addition to ownership issues, insurance coverages, maximizing tax benefits, compensation, and key employees must be considered. Please know that we can help you with all the aspects of Business Succession Planning to best suit your needs and ensure all the bases are covered.

For more information, please feel free to find out more at the SBA website.

Business Dissolution

When a business venture has run its course and operations have ceased, there are still legal steps you are responsible for to be performed in order to completely wind down the business affairs. This is a necessary final process, and a very important one, in the life of a business as it will conclude your legal responsibilities to the company, creditors or contracts, and the government. Taylor & Lassen will complete this final step accurately to ensure false claims cannot be filed against you or outstanding requirements create future issues.

If you have questions regarding any aspects of business law and how it pertains to you and your business, please contact Taylor & Lassen. We would love to understand how we can support your endeavors.